About Fake God

I’ve seen you all claiming to believe in the Real God, not realizing they are all, in fact, fake. I’ve witnessed (and occasionally had a hand in) all your sorry wars arguing which of you are right about which Real God is the Real God. So I’ve got news for you – there is only one Fake God and that Fake God is Me.

So, given my track record for adapting to the times, I’ve now decided that you can get your regular dose of Revelations via My Fake God blog.

A little about me: I am, I always have been, and always will be. So you’d better get used it.


11 Responses to About Fake God

  1. Bob Dobbs says:

    Dear Fake God:
    Why did you leave us? Is Fake God dead? Long live Fake God.


  2. fakegod says:

    Sorry about that my good sheep. Am back, with a Vengeance.

  3. Harrison says:

    What is the reason for your blog?

  4. fakegod says:

    Harrison, are you questioning the Greatest Blogger that ever was and ever will be? Are you asking for REASON?? How dare thee!!

  5. non believer says:

    If you created us, who created you? Who is your god? If you have a god what makes you god? Fake or real, you have to give reason. What for you created it if you don’t use it? (If u are god)*

  6. very interesting way to make your point. great blog .

  7. fakegod says:

    “non believer” –

    you are a classic example of the worst kind of non-believer…one that a) asks questions and b) asks for “reasons”.

    Now, to answer your petty & pathetic questions:

    “If you created us, who created you?” : Oh come one…that too easy…Me.

    “Who is your god?” : Dumb question, again…Me.

    “If you have a god what makes you god?” : See previous answer.

    “Fake or real, you have to give reason.” : Why? And Why start now? (and the answer is still…Me)

    “What for you created it if you don’t use it? (If u are god)” : If you asked an actual question here I might have an attempted to answer it…but I have other fish to fry.

  8. fakegod says:


    I have no idea what point you are trying to make. As you try and figure it out, get a haircut.

  9. I ran into an eccentric God, who doesn’t seem to make sense on the whole, but somewhere my mind reasons and extracts meaning from what I perceive.

    My locks give me power, I didn’t quite follow that commandment anyway.

    • fakegod says:

      @Zealowhateveryournameis: apologies for my tardy response…been zapping some baddies. Now, please keep your “extracts” to yourself!

      P.S: Your hair should have grown back by now. If not, pray harder.

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