The Slippery Slope: Christianity To Eternal Damnation In 8 Easy Steps

November 1, 2009

Here we go again…Another non-believer giving his own account for not believing in the Almighty Me:

This is the slippery slope I keep warning you all about, but you just don’t listen!!

Of course the final step this TheraminTrees neglected to include in his transition to “Atheism” is Step 8. eternal damnation.

eternal damnation


Letting Go of God

February 12, 2008

I’ve warned you of the slippery slope before. You know, the slope where you start asking impertinent questions such as “Do I need to believe in God in order to be a good person?”, or…”Is there really a Hell or is Hell a fictional threatening concept designed by humans to keep other humans from not believing in God?”. You know where asking questions like these will lead you…

This miserable sinner and atheist, Julia Sweeney, is a first class example of why you should never doubt me:

And whatever happens, DO NOT order her blasphemous CD or watch any video clips or audio clips from her “Letting Go of God” show to find out how she lost her religion and faith in Me.