Irrefutable Lines of Argument

November 1, 2009


A brilliant analysis by this patriotic Pro-Anti-Mass-Murder believer:

Without God, there is no responsibility.

Women that abort babies and people that murder young children don’t have knowledge of God.

Because without God, there isn’t Life. To have Life, God is essential.

What a marvellous example of putting forward an utterly irrefutable line of argument!

So, stop whatever you are doing and Worship Me (and that includes killing everyone – that’s My job).


The Slippery Slope: Christianity To Eternal Damnation In 8 Easy Steps

November 1, 2009

Here we go again…Another non-believer giving his own account for not believing in the Almighty Me:

This is the slippery slope I keep warning you all about, but you just don’t listen!!

Of course the final step this TheraminTrees neglected to include in his transition to “Atheism” is Step 8. eternal damnation.

eternal damnation