How to Confuse an Evolutionist

Creating the world is six days was no mean feat. I admit it – I’m rather proud of that particular miracle. But these evolutionists seem to think they have a better explanation and that <snigger> it took longer than a mere six days to cook it all up.

If you hear anyone belittle my marvel with this anti-creationist filth, try this one out on the Heathen, courtesy of Research and presentation Blog for Christian Freedom Ministries of Florida:

“The evolutionist has a big problem trying to explain belief in a God who created the earth and all life upon it in six days.”

Ha! That’ll stop any secular progressive dead in their tracks. Just watch the evolutionist’s entire belief system fall apart with this logic demolishing statement.


5 Responses to How to Confuse an Evolutionist

  1. Richard says:

    I realise this post is satirical, but Dawkins actually offers a couple of suggestions for how this happened. The overall concept is that tendency to believe in religion may be a byproduct (or, “mis-firing”) of an otherwise useful trait. He uses the example of insects navigating by following rays of light, and accidentally getting “zapped” by electric lights.

    Dawkins’ own suggestion is that the evolutionary trait which might be responsible is that of believing whatever your parents tell you. Certainly that has evolutionary benefits, as my parents can warn me of the dangers of predators, foods i can/can’t eat, etc. But, clearly, this trait would also allow religion to prosper.

  2. Wogan says:

    This seems to have very little sense to it, and is written in the same spirit of arrogance that Evolutionists portray.

    How many evolutionists claim to believe in God? Can we please get some statistics here before we proudly go claiming to have the one weapon that will annhilate all their beliefs?

    I mean, come on. I’m somewhat a creationist, but I believe that the world is a lot older than 6000 years, and it took more than 6 days to make. But this DOESN’T MATTER, because I’m still human, I’m still a Child of God, and I’m still ruled by the two primary commandments – Love God, and Love your neighbours as yourself.

    This is far more important than bickering about the age of the world we live on!

    ~ Wogan

  3. fakegod says:

    Richard – “Satirical”??? Ahem…I’ll show you “Satirical”…Anyway, Dawkins is the Devil’s Sheep on Wool’s clothing, so don’t listen to what he or Daniel Dennett have to say on matters such as these. They’re kooks.

    Wogan – Exactly right – there’s absolutely no point in trying to understand “matters of fact”. Much better that you all bicker about which lot of you are right about Me.

  4. Matthew says:

    You know if your belief system is true than why did god create the universe in the first place?Why did he allow sin?Why does he still allow sin?If god created the universe than why is the universe expanding?How by some chance, all species of dinosaurs died over a course of 6000 years?And dont you think that millions of plant and animal species died over a course of 6000 years sound a little far feached?How did god get here?And god didnt wright the bible man did.See you christians dont think these things through.So when you want to come out of your little fantasy world, read a real book cald the Oragin of Species.

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