Catholic missionaries invade Second Life

July 28, 2007

 It turns outs that Catholic missionaries really do believe in the Second Life.

“Catholic missionaries have always trekked to dangerous parts of the Earth to spread the word of God — now they are being encouraged to go into the virtual realm of Second Life to save virtual souls.”

There are plenty of potential converts in the Second Life, with around 8 million residents (mostly infidels just waiting to get mopped up by the zealots). This acts as a reminder to all you non-believers –  just because you might have escaped This Life it doesn’t mean that you can escape Me and my flock, as a Jesuit “academic”,Antonio Spadaro points out:

“While the virtual world might be a refuge for some people seeking to flee the real one, it is also full of people seeking something more from life, including, possibly, religious enlightenment, he said. 

Go Forth and Virtualize!

Via Innocent Bystanders.