Blasphemy and the New Simpsons Trailer

July 21, 2007

Hawk gets my blessings…as he is of course absolutely correct in seeing obvious-yet-subliminal and evil work of my old arch enemy in the latest Simpsons trailers:

As I watched the trailer, I was appalled at a quick scene that was almost subliminal. One gets the idea from the trailer that the Simpson’s hometown of Springfield is in danger, and it’s up to Homer and his family to save it. Homer and several of his family members are sitting on a bench (I think in a church building). He flips the pages of a Bible and exclaims, “This book doesn’t have any answers!” And that’s exactly what the secular progressive culture wants you and me to think. They want us to walk away thinking that the Word of God is nothing but an antiquated book with no relevance for our lives in the 21st century. To them God is just an old “has-been” who doesn’t intervene in our world, much less our lives. He’s certainly not responsible for my success in life [FG- errr, yes I am, but I forgive you]


Homer – consider yourself warned!!