Visions of Apocalypse Now

February 9, 2008

Miriam, the self-declared profit well known prophet has spoken the truth.

“A couple of nights ago I had a vision.”

Oh, I love a good start…

“I heard the song lyrics from the beautiful song ‘We have all the time in the world…’ by Louis Armstrong and I saw the gorgeous Earth spinning around in Space surrounded by twinking stars, with a relative feeling of peace and contentment and we’ll be here for a long time yet among its inhabitants. Then I heard another voice say: ‘There’s not enough love in the world’.

Yes – that was Me butting in again, sorry about that. And so Miriam continues…

“And then I saw the globe pictured like a spinning top and it stopped spinning and like a spinning top does when it stops, it fell over onto its side.”

Oh, and what could this hallucination vision possibly mean, Miriam?

“I understand this clearly to mean that the end of the world is coming and is not far off. “

Of course it does – the end is nigh! You have all been warned!!