Sacred Beliefs Are Just That

Non-theists are perplexed when Believers take offense to ideas that challenge the Believers’ beliefs. This quote from Douglas Noël Adams (DNA) encapsulates the rationale for the offense:

‘Here is an idea or a notion that you’re not allowed to say anything bad about; you’re just not. Why not? – because you’re not!’

He’s right of course. You can argue about anything else that you like (within reason), but you can’t argue about the existence Me.

But the question we shall explore here, is Why Not? Well, because you’re not! OK, but Why Not?

Well, answering the question beyond “Why Not” leads to a slippery slope for My Believers. As an example, if a Believer starts accepting the notion that it’s OK to discuss the rationale of My very existence, this only opens their mind to other ideas, and that can only lead to trouble. And as I have revealed to you previously, the idea of opening your mind to a rational discussion about My existence based on reason is an abhorrent idea, as it breaches the sacredness of your beliefs.

Let Me explain. Religion is a closed system. It is a closed system in the sense it must be protected from outside “intellectual” interference (read: Devilish thoughts). This protection is provided to you, by Me, through the notion that certain beliefs are simply sacred. The belief you have in Me is one of those sacred beliefs. And if this belief is sacred, it means that it may not be meddled with, questioned nor discussed at the dinner table (or anywhere else for that matter). The sacredness of your belief in Me therefore remains sacred. And if it remains sacred, it remains protected from outside “intellectual” interference. And the Truth of the matter is that without the sacred nature of your belief in Me the whole house of cards begins to collapse (or so the Heathens believe).

And so take heed of Mr Adam’s answer, as it is self-evidently correct and is the only possible answer you can provide to a Heathen without opening up a nasty can of worms that will eventually eat you up and burn you for all eternity.

4 Responses to Sacred Beliefs Are Just That

  1. Daniel Downs says:

    Yes, but man does not live by reason alone, but by every fulfilled word of Me. If Me is not knowable beyond mere reasonable arguments, then atheists like Adam’s are right. If God
    is, the old-time empiricism is right Adam’s and Dawkins are wrong.

    If God was making a point by pulling the plug of Adam’s life a early, (a crude thing to say, I know, but if so) Dawkins better watch out, God may want to make the same statement. After all, Richard Dawkins took Adam’s argument to the extreme in his latest book The God Delusion.

  2. fakegod says:

    Oh Yes Daniel! Anyone that challenges Me had better watch out!

  3. Melanie Steffen says:

    Hi Daniel and fakegod, Now the reason I came to your site is that an important message has been sent down , just like a News Update. The message is for Daniel and fakeGod. Please read and pass it along. It is about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively. Sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God’s Angels. Yes, God has recently made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Tell two people. Oh, one more thing of interest. Did you know that Mike Douglas died on his Birthday. Melanie Steffen

  4. fakegod says:

    Thanks Melanie. That clears that up then.

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