The commandments are good rules to live by

I bid you Good (but not very “new”) news, My Loyal Believers!!

It has been confirmed that a Ten Commandments monument placed outside City Hall in Fargo, N.D., will remain on the lawn thanks to thousands of the Pious residents who said, “Enough is enough,” when the City Commission recently voted to move it.

To cut a long story short, the local community forced the City Commission to reverse its decision to remove it from the front of the City Hall. Warren Ackley, a businessman who led the petition drive (and who is now guaranteed a place by My side when his time is over in Fargo) explains:

“Common sense in the heartland prevailed…It’s a pretty innocent marker. The commandments are good rules to live by.”

The commandments are good rules to live by. No truer words spoken, Mr Ackley! But there is the small problem regarding which of My 10-14 Various Commandments are in and which are out according to different religions, and therefore how “correct” the monument is, as the following table from Wikipedia illustrates:

10 Commandments

And then there is the insolence of the Heathens. They might agree in principle with the Commandments that have been enshrined into the Law of most civilized countries (e.g. “Thou shalt not steal”, “Thou shalt not murder”, etc.) but these ghastly atheists would obviously object to having the”rules” that Mr Ackley reminds us are good rules to live by, but have no relevance to the non-believers. The non-believers believe that the religiously grounded Commandments should not be shoved down their insolent throats (e.g. “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy” and “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”). But who cares what they think, since they simply don’t accept My Commandment numero uno – “I am the Lord thy God”. Everything else follows from there – they just don’t get it!

In utter desperation, the best the non-theists can do is to propose a second monument is laid beside the first – the Freethinkers’ Satanic monument would state,

“The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”

This Blasphemous quote is from the 1796 treaty between the United States and Tripoli, a document that is well known to be an utter fraud.

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