Atheistic Evangelism

Sometimes I regret the fact that I made myself omniescent. It means that I get to hear all your thoughts and all your concerns, including the  gazillions of your petty little gripes about the perfect world I created for you. And frankly most of it is utter tripe.

But from time to time, one of you surprise Me (well, not really surprise Me, ’cause I know what you have ever thought, what you are thinking right now and everything you will ever think – I didn’t create a Universal privacy policy when I created the rest of it). For example, in this post a “non-theist” is actually arguing against atheistic evangelism:

“We’ve always been very good at finding fault with religion, but haven’t always been quite as good at promoting rationalism. Believe it or not, there is a difference.”

The Heathen goes on

“Personally, I think it’s a mistake to call it evangelism in the first place. Evangelism is a purely religious term that refers to preaching the “Good News.” Unlike evangelism, speaking out in favor of reason is not about preaching non-theism to misguided theists, or about bashing religion. I do not consider it evangelistic to promote critical thinking, science, medicine, or good education. Nor do I think it evangelistic to fight intolerance, injustice, bigotry, and irrationalism. Neither is standing for what you believe. As for whether reason can triumph, I submit that it can. America – indeed, the West in general – has been a reasonably successful (if imperfect) experiment in applying Enlightenment rationalism toward entire societies and methods of governance. What is needed is time. Time and an ongoing promotion of reason simply, plainly, and without equivocation, respecting that theism is not the result of an absence of intelligence, but an intellectual position one takes.”

In other words, the advice the infidel provides is “Don’t fight God’s fire with God’s kind of fire”. Instead, this J.C. Samuelson suggests, the anti-theists should use Beazulbub’s old and dirty slight of mind trick – “reason” Urghh!

Don’t you see, this is the Devil’s Work! So I warn Thee once again – watch out for the deceptive atheist!

2 Responses to Atheistic Evangelism

  1. Harrison says:

    What is your point?

  2. fakegod says:


    I thought I made myself perfectly clear here: watch out for the deceptive atheist! For they are a) atheistic, and therefore b) deceptive.

    If this is not clear then I suggest you read My Word (available in all Good Book stores now) where all is Revealed to you.

    P.S. Stop picking your nose so much – I realize you think nobody’s watching, but I am, and it’s disturbing Me.

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