Blasphemy Challenge

The Heathens are at it again, this time really pushing the limits of poor taste with Blasphemy Challenge. <Sigh>

Luckily, I heard about this “Blasphemy Challenge” site by Listening to this chap who, quite rightly, has taken offence:

“What would happen if the tables were turned? What would happen if a Christian organization promoted going on YouTube and cursing non-Christians and damning them to hell? How would that go over? How about if all we said was “you’re all stupid for not believing like we do”? That would be disrespectful and dishonoring to God.”

Precisely! I mean, it’s not like the Good Cook Book itself condemns anyone to go to hell for their unbelieving ways, is it! Well, with the exception of Mark 3:29:

“Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.”

And other examples a plenty from the Bible, but that’s hardly the point! The difference is, the Bible is right!

5 Responses to Blasphemy Challenge

  1. Frank Walton says:

    I actually have a blogsite against the blasphemy challenge:

  2. fakegod says:

    Frank – keep up My good work!

  3. jamesaire says:

    Here is some blasphemy for you!

    Pope Peter & the Moon Child

  4. Andrew Inns says:

    I made a video for the challenge the blasphemy project which I called blasphemy challenge torpedoed much to the upset of the Rational Response Squad.

    First point, blasphemy in the Bible is written in the aorist aspect which in Greek means unlimited….. In other words to remain unforgiven you would have to keep doing it and never repent.

    Second point, it was the Pharisees who blasphemed God because as believers they witnessed the miracle working power of God through Jesus then attributed that to satan. So to truly blaspheme the Holy Spirit you have to first be a believer and witness the miracle working power of God and then attribute that to satan.

    A true athiest therefore cannot blaspheme the Holy Spirit, because if they claim to have done, they cannot be an athiest they must be a believer.

    So the result is that not one person taking the blasphemy challenge actually blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and no one would have been beyond redemption if they had.

    Result: A lot of publicity around a non event which made a lot of people look rather stupid.

    I have been on the Rational Response Squad’s show on Stickam. I came across as rational, reasonable and compassionate. Brian Flemming/Sapient came across as exactly the opposite and excuses were made for him afterwards.

    I think he is a bit of a sorry character who has lost his way in life and I have some compassion for him.

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