Stop the Atheist Rot

Sheep, I order thee to stop the rot:

“A new study found that atheism is more common among younger generations: While 6 percent of seniors define themselves as secular, the percentage steadily increases among younger age groups, hitting 19 percent among the 18 to 22 set, according to The Barna Group, a religious research group.”

In case you are wondering (remember, I know if you are), The Barna Group is a pro-Me, so they aren’t out to make Me look bad, they are just reporting the facts researched in this greatest nation on My green earth.

If you are not out there actively spreading My Word to the doubters and forcing My Word on upon your newborns then I command thee to get off your sinful asses and do so. For if you fail to keep up the numbers of believers of Me then you’ll only have yourselves to blame when these blasphemous atheists become the majority. And then what? No more guilt? No more piousness? No more bigotry? How the Hell am I supposed to operate my Goodness if there aren’t any believers left?? You get the picture. Now get on with it!

One Response to Stop the Atheist Rot

  1. Quinton says:

    You have a great point, however, what happens when the atheists are smarter than the religious folk? There’s really not much of a battle at that point is there? People really need to study more and understand The Word.

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